Curare perfume: sweet greetings from the 90s

As I said, I fell out of love with vintages. But the rustle of autumn leaves on rough asphalt again inspired me with nostalgic thoughts. And I wanted to talk about the aroma of the past. If you want to know what your mothers fragrant in the era of their youth, then these were Polish perfumes Curara (Currara).

Sweet greetings from the 90s

..They were sold everywhere. Together with the rags that poured from Poland, along with the endless Canels and Daors (guess what names are distorted!). I remembered a pretty bottle that looked like a creased crinoline:

Bottle of Currara
The smell was sweet, enveloping and a little suffocating. My friend admitted that she dreamed about these perfumes, for a long time saved up money for them. And when, finally, she had the treasured vial, she could not use it and gave her friend. After all, the aroma seemed to her too strong and began to annoy her. Nevertheless, such a perfume had a lot of fans.

Curare perfume is not just sweet. They have a characteristic astringency with an insinuating softness of enveloping notes. It is not surprising that they gained great popularity at one time. Despite their cheapness, they had charisma that distinguished them from other perfumes.

They were often compared to Poison Dior. In fact, nothing but the name (and there and there – poison), these spirits had it. Owners of the Polish Currara perhaps amused their pride. Moreover, this fragrance did not look like Cobra Jeanne Arthes – another hit of the 90s. By the way, this very inexpensive “Cobra” now has even cheaper … fakes.

Curare perfume, in my opinion, is more tender, more insinuating. And “Cobra” has a more evening sound. But if you think that I am a fan of Currara, you are mistaken. I just try to objectively evaluate perfume compositions. In fact, I prefer almatas of a different orientation. By the way, these cheap Kurare possessed remarkable charm and real femininity. Therefore, despite their low price for their time, it is unfair to call them cheap.

Now you can buy perfumes of Kurar only from collectors, on auction sites and free ads.

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