TOP 5 most useful citrus fruits

Do you like the gifts of the south sprinkling with fresh juice? There are more than 60 species, but only a few of them have reached our shelves. We have long been accustomed to some citruses and love them very much, we know very little about others, but we have never heard of many. The author of this material Lwn1967 compiled his personal rating of fragrant balls with a sparkling taste. And today is the winter vitamin Olympics. TOP-5 of the most useful citrus fruits on an individual author’s scale. To oranges, to whom vitamins? Read first-person text. We promise – it will not be sour, because the material is served so delicious!

With the advent of colds and their constant friend of the flu pores, doctors recommend consuming as many vitamins as possible. Citruses will help here. In order to be less sick, and it is better to completely avoid this fate, you need to introduce as many of these delicious fruits into your diet. Here, in my opinion, the most useful citrus fruits.


It ranks first among such fruits. Grapefruit is a real vitamin rocket. There are a lot of types of this citrus, about twenty. But they divide it into three groups by color: pink, red, white.

Grapefruit strengthens the immune system, combats germs and viruses, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, reduces the risk of cancer, normalizes the cardiovascular system, strengthens the gums. And it is also very useful for people with increased fatigue, will help to cope with a bad mood and get rid of extra pounds.


For him, an honorable second place in my personal ranking. Its beneficial properties have been known since ancient times. Nowadays, there are almost one hundred and fifty varieties of such fruit. The uniqueness of this gift of nature: despite its sour taste, it lowers the level of acidity in the body. He has no equal among citrus fruits for colds and vitamin deficiency. Lemon has antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, anti-sclerotic, diuretic effect.


Completes my prize three. Originating from Southeast Asia, there are just over ten of its varieties. Pomelo is used for the prevention of colds and viral diseases, lowering blood pressure, preventing blood clots and tumors. This treat is also very good for fighting overweight.


I give the fourth place to the well-known orange. Although it is considered a fruit, but by its biological parameters it is a modified berry. Nowadays, there are about a hundred varieties of oranges. Like other citrus fruits, these fruit berries have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, strengthen immunity, and they also improve the functioning of the heart and blood vessels. Orange pulp can prevent early aging and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.


Closes my honorary five. Mandarins are divided into three groups: noble, tangerines, satsums. These fruits have many different vitamins. They improve metabolism, normalize insulin levels, reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis, and strengthen bone tissue. They are a good antipyretic, and dried bark has a calming effect on the body.

Important! With all the usefulness of citrus fruits, it should be remembered that in some cases they can be harmful. These fruits should not be eaten if they are allergic, they should be treated with caution in case of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and other diseases. Each of these citruses has its own contraindications. Therefore, you must always take into account the characteristics of your body and get acquainted with what negative effect this or that fruit can bring.

Addition from the editors. Such a fun hit parade to good use. And yet, each of the aforementioned fruit champions deserves a gold medal and first place on the podium. And here you should include lime – a vitamin pantry that improves bowel function, frees us from toxins and helps normalize weight.

The material is purely introductory in nature and is not a guide to action; be sure to consult a doctor, a nutritionist about compiling your diet. Photos from the network in the public domain.

What is your favorite citrus? Which of the proposed solar miracles would you take with you to Mars? Waiting for your comments!

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