So that tights are not torn: what to do. 5 easy ways

What can ruin a flying gait? An annoying arrow in pantyhose that spreads at the speed of sound. Moreover, according to the well-known law of a sandwich, kapron tends to burst at the most inopportune moment. Fortunately, we can avoid this. So, what to do so that tights are not torn: 5 simple ways.

“Squirrel, arrow!”

To begin with, we will understand why tights are torn. As the classic sang, “it seems to me a very simple thing” – they cling to something sharp. But there are other reasons. For example, in slippers on the toes and on the heels, these delicate products can give holes if the shoes are tight or of poor quality, that is, have irregularities inside. Then even the most excellent tights and stockings will not last long. They do not pass the strength test and, if not sized, for example, are too short.

To pantyhose not torn, inventive housewives came up with many ways. The most famous of them is to put the packaging in the freezer. I want to dispel the myth of his miracles. In school years, she often popped her nylon jewelry into the freezer, leaving them for a day. They “flew” as cute. Unless the shooter was given, this is true. But there were clues, more than enough.

Yes, I do not argue: perhaps this method is not without foundation, and under the influence of frost, nylon and nylon threads change the structure. But in my personal experience, our kapron is not amenable to such provocations. Therefore, I cannot recommend such a life hack to you. It’s a pity. It would be great: put your pair of kapron in the freezer – and do not freeze with the purchase of new tights.

There are also recommendations – so that the tights are not torn, iron a pack with them … with an iron. I do not know, I have not tried it. And there is no such desire: all the same, the cellophane and the cardboard in which these products are packed are not special lovers of the hot.

There are tips for choosing. Like, products of special mesh weaving are more durable. In fact, this is not so. They really do not crawl so much. But holes on them form as “well” as on the thinnest stockings. And they are not protected from leads.

By the way, in my personal experience, the thinnest were the most durable – even so: the thinnest! – kapron 10 den, where the interweaving of threads was generally imperceptible. But this is not about that …

What to do so that tights are not torn – 5 simple ways:

  1. We put them on from the bottom up – in the sense of pulling, starting exactly from the toe. Gather your lace with an accordion and carefully distribute it first in the footsteps, and then further along the entire length of the legs. They say the avaricious pays twice. But also rushing. If you immediately try to cram into the narrow “spandex” in a hurry, pulling them from the top to the bottom, you can immediately get holes and hooks on them. It is better to carry out vestments manipulations while sitting.
  2. So that the tights are not torn, we try not to touch them with our nails, we stretch them with the backs of our palms.
  3. If such things are a little short, we wet our palms with water – and then gently we pull up this “clothes” from the bottom up. And we will be in openwork!
  4. We make sure that there are no cracks and dry places on the heels, and on the arms of the burrs – these are the main enemies of kapron. In other words, we take care of ourselves, we do manicure and pedicure regularly. If the heels are particularly dry, before dressing, lubricate them with a nourishing cream.

In the season when we wear such vestments, it is advisable to make toenails short. Long nails can be the reason why tights and stockings are torn on toes in shoes.

  1. We try not to touch them with sharp objects, we avoid crowds in minibuses and in the subway where our precious caprons can touch inadvertently.

I also advise taking a spare pair with you if you are going to a particularly important event. By the way, in emergency situations a regular nail polish will help out. If a hole appears on the pantyhose, but there’s nothing to change, coat the problem area with varnish. You will not remove the hole, but you can avoid the formation of the arrow.

Well, what if your pantyhose or stockings are stained on shoes? If the purchase is made recently, and the warranty period for your walkers has not expired, get the sales receipt – and run to the store. Weak paint is a defect. You must replace a pair of shoes or return money for it.

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