How to replace white mascara | How to make eyelashes white without mascara

We are trying to lengthen, inflate and denigrate them. And for these purposes, saturated coal-black inks are used. But when the ice sparkles around, white cilia look so harmonious, as if powdered with hoarfrost. Exotic snow-white mascara is a great idea for winter makeup. Especially if you use bright shadows. However, there are not so many people who want to try this catwalk visage in real life. Demand dictates supply. It is not easy to buy a brasmatik with a dye of the color of snowflakes. Let’s talk about how to replace white mascara and whether this can be done in practice. How to make eyelashes white without mascara. When there is no snow, and so I want to become a Snow Maiden.

Many makeup articles are written by carbon copywriters. And recommendations for replacing a strategically important visage tool roam the web pages like a dusty steppe wind. I met a strange argument that white cilia do not look good in bright eyes, make them inexpressive. Look at the photo and smile. There is no pale moth in the picture.

Similarly with tips. The copywriter does not have time for such trifles as checking the written keyboard. And the blogger will always have an extra minute. I present to you life hacks than you can replace white mascara. And I give my comments.

  1. Foundation. In the vast women’s forums there are such paradoxical advice. In order for the hairs to become like a snowball, you need to apply … a little face makeup.

I do not need to experiment in order to dissuade you from this ingenious decision. And not only because there are absolutely no whitewash tonal creams and bases. And we need whiteness. Such products have a very dense texture for the skin of the eyelids and for cilia, and will make them heavier. And here and close to the eyelash.

And more, fairies. Have you ever accidentally smeared a hair thinner in a hurry? Did the paint linger on them? No. And how do you think, will the foundation stay on the eyelashes for a long time and will not lead to their adhesion? I decided not to conduct such experiments.

  1. White shadows. But this life hack seemed intelligible to me. I heard it repeatedly: makeup artists sprinkle hairs with shadows and even glitters in order to achieve enchanting effects. I tried this advice in practice.

Took harmless friable mineral shadows of a whitish color with spangles. She poured them on the brush, brushed off the excess, ran it through the hairs. I tried another way. First I applied shea butter to the brush, then minerals, and made up. And turned into a white swan.

I liked the result. In addition to such “little things” as the smallest sparkles that crumbled on the skin, there were no complaints. The costs of production were brushed off with a brush. Showing swatch. Knock knock, authors of women’s portals. Such colors suit me:

How to make eyelashes white without mascara using shadows

But! Just a few minutes later, an unpleasant sensation began, a pain, as if dust had got into the eyes. When I blinked, particles of friable means got on a mucous membrane. I quickly removed the shadows from the cilia. However, for two whole days she could not even hear the word “cosmetics”, the feeling of discomfort continued. I used very high-quality mineral products without silicones, parabens and other add-ons. But the point is not the composition, but the fact that the mucous membrane of the eyes reacts to any foreign element. Shadows are such.

In this regard, I have a question: what do clients of makeup artists feel when they sprinkle eyelashes with glitter? Life hack is not recommended.

  1. The primer is white. Here you can try it. The base for eyelashes is intended for application to the hairs, so it will not harm them and the eyes. Provided that it is an original and from a decent company, with a good shelf life. But according to reviews on the same irecommend, some white primers in the process can “melt” like a Snow Maiden in the sun. They are not standalone makeup products and may fade. They can be pampered for a blitz photo shoot. Make up, take a quick picture. And then apply mascara. Indeed, as a “substrate” for the primary color, the primers serve.
  2. White false eyelashes. Really a working way than replacing white paint. They are created for extravagant makeup. If you are not going to use bright brasmatik often, you can turn to such improvised means. Shelf life of a carcass after opening short-lived. For single applications, buying it is unprofitable. White false eyelashes are more cost effective. The main thing is that you do not have an allergy to glue. Perhaps in nature there are bright cilia on magnets. And if not, someday they will be released.
  3. Silver mascara. It is found on sale more often than snow-white. With her filing, cilia can also be made very bright. This, of course, is not the shade of milk or cream ice cream that you dreamed about. But silver also looks very beautiful on winter days.

Do you like white mascara? Does she have an alternative? Tell us in the comments.

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