Peeling roll: what is it and how to use it

We know by heart the need for deep skin cleansing at least once a week. Such procedures remove dead skin cells of the epidermis, make the skin more fresh, and prepare them for better “absorption” of beneficial substances from masks and / or creams. However, a great cleaning is not only about scrubs and ubtan. The love of contemporaries was won by special cosmetics called skating rinks. We’ll talk about them today. On the agenda is a peeling roll: what is it and how to use it.

Girl is preparing to cleanse deep skin with peeling-rolling

This beauty assistant came to us from Asia. Peeling-rolling – a convenient mild tool for cleaning from dead skin particles. It happens in the form of a gel or cream, which rolls into small lumps during friction. Its basis is, as a rule, cellulose, which collects dirt and keratinized skin cells. In addition to this component, peeling rolls often include acids. Their goal is exfoliation.

We appreciated these products not by chance. Unlike a scrub, the skating roll acts very gently without damaging the skin tissue. It removes only dead cells, without affecting healthy ones.

Extracts of various plants are often added here to soothe the skin. She can moisturize the skin, lighten it a little, reduce redness, even out skin tone. Peeling the skating roll over and over will make the skin smoother and more even.

This tool can be used up to two to three times a week, but if the skin is very sensitive, then the use of the skating rink is best reduced to once every ten days.

How to apply it? The skating rink is kept on the face for 1-2 minutes, and then lightly, rolled up in circular movements until the pellets appear. No need to rub your skin too zealously. Everything bad will do, and so thanks to cellulose and acids. You can alternate it with a gentle scrub with microbeads (1-2 times) if you are used to cleansing with balls.

Contrary to popular belief, this product is suitable not only for dry and combination, but also for oily skin. Large particles of ordinary scrubs can injure the epidermis. And this is undesirable for both dry and oily skin. Hence, there may be even more redness and enlarged pores. That is why the gentle deep cleansing, which includes the rollers, is also shown for this type of epidermis.

However, one must remember: cosmetics are very individual. Concerning the choice of products and their frequency of use, consult a cosmetologist. Also, due to the acid content in summer, great care should be taken when using skating rinks. The sun protection factor after their use is a must. Moreover, consultation with a specialist will not be superfluous. Also, peeling-rolling can not be applied to the lips and skin of the eyelids.

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