How not to wrinkle your forehead: tips and personal experience

At one time, I did a lot of beauty-stupid things. I lightened and shortened my dark brown hair, waist-length, accustomed myself to start the morning with coffee and drink this drink at noon, eat cakes after six in the evening. But one thing I did right. Once, once and for all, I unlearned my frown! Today, my advice is not to wrinkle your forehead.

Facial expression helps us to express and convey our emotions to others. But often grimaces do not work in our favor. Especially need to follow them to owners of dry and combination skin. Indeed, it is such skin integument that is subject to the so-called fine-wrinkled type of aging. But those who have oily skin should also unlearn their forehead. After all, its possibilities are not unlimited. Moreover, deep folds appear on such skin “with success”.

How not to wrinkle your forehead? I met wild recommendations on the Internet that I don’t want to repeat. Unless you write an article of bad advice like “How to ruin the skin once and for all” or “What to do in order to get acne.” They recommend sticking a band-aid on your forehead (and why not an electrical tape ?!), lubricating it with various viscous substances, putting on a tight hoop (advice a la “Hello, headache!” These recommendations are pointless and harmful. you’ll earn money with skin and hair. (After all, hairdressers and trichologists do not recommend tightening locks). How can you do this without expression on your face?

Unlearn wrinkle forehead can only be self-control! And here are the ways that I personally find very effective.

Botulinum toxin injections (botox or dysport). Do not be surprised that I cite this method in the article. He’s definitely better than a band-aid! The cosmetologists with whom I spoke, just recommend Botox to those who want to tame their facial expressions. But during this period it is important to remember how you expressed your emotions without expression on your face (such a pun). What did you do? Perhaps all your expression was in the look? Try also to do without grimaces when the “magical” effect of botulinum toxin is over. Otherwise, doing such a procedure is pointless. After twelve everything will return to square one. The disadvantage of this method: there are diseases in which it is impossible to inject Botox. Therefore, this method is not suitable for everyone.

Sunglasses. They will help not to frown from the bright sun. Self-control is not enough here. After all, our “grimace” is a protective reaction to an irritant (bright light). Therefore, even in winter on sunny clear days, it makes sense to wear such an accessory.

Motivation. Just as those who are losing weight cut out images of slender people from magazines – why not just stick pictures of people without grimaces on paper. Yes, at least your own photo, where you own your emotions!

Exercises. Here I want to share my personal experience. In my youth I was so scared by the very possibility of wrinkles that I once and for all said to myself: “I won’t wrinkle!” I tracked situations where I most often wrinkled my forehead and began to control myself. It turns out that it was not difficult to do this – much easier than it seems. I just “turned on” a certain internal censor who told my grimaces: “Stop!”. You won’t believe it: but very little time passed, only a week or two, and I began to wonder: why did I frown and frown before? After all, I can quite do without it. But, I repeat, behind all this there was a very strong desire not to wrinkle one’s forehead. Therefore, interest is the most important thing to get rid of this habit. For starters, try not to raise your eyebrows whenever you are surprised at something. Note: soon you will succeed.

Relaxation. Many people maintain a tense facial expression because they do not know how to relax and rest. I am not talking about extreme situations. It’s about the most ordinary everyday life. For example, we are returning home – and still in the office with emotions. Advice: “change your shoes” into calmness, as you shoe slippers! Relaxation is also facilitated by evening walks in nature, aromatherapy, pleasant music, comedy films and good literature.

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