Contrast washing for youthful skin: how to do at home

The amazing is near, and the simple is even closer. Many of us spend hours in cosmetic stores or online forums in search of a miracle cure for skin elasticity. It turns out that youthful streams flow in our bathroom from the tap. It is important to be able to tame them. And today we’ll talk about how to achieve excellent anti-aging effect with ordinary water and keep cheeks supple. Contrast face wash: how to do it right at home, or songs of ice and flame. The benefits and harms of such a procedure, plus reviews about it.

First, we consider how the temperature of H2O affects the state of our integuments.

Warm water (28-37 ° C) is the most comfortable for cleansing the face. It does not expand or narrow the capillaries, does not give a feeling of cold or heat, it can be used both in summer and in winter. But there is a flip side to the coin. Unfortunately, its prolonged use can relax the tone of muscles and skin tissues.

Hot (37-45 оС) is an excellent cleanser and rinses off excess sebum well. Therefore, it is liked by owners of oily skin. Alas, this measure resembles a mazurka: a step forward and two back. High temperatures enhance the functioning of the sebaceous glands. After a hot little unaesthetic shine becomes even greater. Such contrasts dilate blood vessels, cause a rush of blood to the skin and also reduce its tone.

The temperature of the wash

Cold (12-20 ° C) and cool (20-28 ° C) are excellent “tonics” for the epidermis. Unlike warm and hot, they increase its tone. They also strengthen it and make it more resistant to the negative effects of the environment. But washing with such water narrows the capillaries, slows the production of sebum. This can lead to dryness and peeling of the integument. Constant washing with glaciers also causes stagnation in the skin, leading to its redness or the appearance of a bluish tint.

So, one hot or cold is not the best option for prolonging elasticity and firmness, good condition of the dermis. But everything happens differently if they work together.

Contrast washing, namely cleansing alternately with high and low temperature water, acts as a good simulator for the skin and blood vessels. This method prolongs elasticity and resilience, increases the tone of skin tissues. Plus, the game of contrasts narrows the pores of the face. Therefore, cosmetologists often recommend it at a young age with increased fat content of the epidermis. It was such an option that the specialist “prescribed” to the author of this article. My feedback on this technique will be later, but for now we continue the theoretical part.

How to do contrast wash at home? Everything is very simple. We need to rinse the face alternately with hot, and then cool or cold water. The upper temperature should not exceed 45 degrees Celsius. The lower boundary is 12 ° C.

Since water of dubious quality flows from the tap – hard, with bleach or other impurities, it should be passed through a filter. Or apply boiled.

Do not rush into a whirlpool with your head and do not start with sharp temperature transitions. Contrast washing must be entered gradually. Let temperature changes be initially insignificant. Start with a combination of warm and cool fluids. And gradually increase the difference between degrees.

Contrast washing is a great way to prolong skin youth

This technique has both indications and contraindications. This cleansing should not be practiced for colds, runny nose, inflammation of the facial nerve and other diseases in the neck-face-head region. Consult a doctor for malfunctions in blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and other ailments (including the brain).

Beauticians recommend that you approach this issue with caution, if your capillaries are dilated on your face, there is a tendency to rosacea. Consultation with a specialist in cosmetology and dermatology will never be superfluous.

In articles on contrasting washing, written by copywriters, you can find unreasonable advice – they say, with this technique you can not use cleaning products. This is not true. I was once recommended to use soap. But everything is individual. Therefore, in each case, you need to consult a professional. And this applies not only to this method.

And now my reviews about this simulator from the tap.

I have been using contrast wash since I was 18 years old. My face skin is oily, and in my teenage years, as well as in my youth I had a blooming appearance – with acne, black dots, red marks and other delights of a transitional age. After unsuccessful attempts to lime pimples at home, I was taken to an admission to the Institute of Beauty. The beautician, having seen me, appointed a special program. And it included clarification alternately with hot and cold water with the use of baby soap.

I’m no longer eighteen years old, the alkaline cleaner has been replaced by gentle gel and foam, and I still practice this washing. Firstly, its effectiveness

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