How to lose weight: a wish card for harmony

One of the effective ways to lose weight is to create a wish map (it is also a treasure map). Psychologists recognize: the subconscious mind works for us, which allows us to achieve our cherished goal. For example, close the refrigerator on time or distract from a delicious pastry. How to lose weight with a wish card, I tell in this post.

First you need to properly draw up the card itself. The main thing in the treasure map is by no means the corner where you carefully enter the affirmation. And not the color of the chosen fountain pen. The first item and the most important is:

Sincerity of desire. You must make sure that the desire to become slimmer comes from you, and not from others. That is not dictated by fashion, the cult of skinny people. You and only you really think that you need to lose extra pounds. For example, you think – this way you will feel better, keep your beauty and health. And they would even lose weight if all fashion magazines vied with each other for photographing donuts.

At the same time, you act not in spite of someone, but for the good. That is, losing weight is not so that “girlfriends are jealous.” But you think, for example, that in this way you will be able to move faster and keep pace everywhere, protect yourself from diseases. Only after making sure that your desire to lose weight is sincere, you can begin to draw up the card itself.

Visualization. The object of desire must be visualized. The brain will take a picture. And the subconscious will guide the consciousness – in which direction to move.

Here is full scope for creativity. You can cut out a magazine photo of a super-slim lady with a breathtaking figure (as many do). But it will be better if you draw a picture. It can be an abstract figure, meaning “harmony” for you. Do not be shy if a highly artistic work of art does not come out. Even if not Picasso or Rembrandt, even if it’s crooked – but his own. And my own, whatever one may say, is closer to the subconscious.

Affirmation. This is the most important part. Affirmation is stronger than motivation. Unlike motivation (dictated by consciousness – read: possible pressure from the outside), affirmations are aimed at the subconscious. And its possibilities are endless.

They should be pronounced every day. Breaks and passes can be done. But let them be small and for good reason.

Since these key phrases should work for you, they should be composed in words that you understand. Use the vocabulary that you apply in everyday life. If possible – short and clear. And not in the future, but in real time.

Placement So, the map of desires is made. Question: where to place it? It is logical, of course, to hang it on the refrigerator. But the trick is that it will be available not only to you, but also to other people. And they may not be very friendly. Joking, taunting can make you lose weight. Therefore, place on the refrigerator only, being sure: you are actually supported. And best of all, keep it in your personal space, open only to you.

If you do everything right and your desire to lose weight sincerely, you will achieve the effect quickly. The subconscious mind itself will discourage you from dubious mono-diets (buckwheat, apple) and so on. But you, as if by chance, give up your favorite fatty sausages and sausages and fall in love with vegetable salads. Or, finally, dial the nutritionist’s phone number, which will give you the necessary recommendations at an individual consultation. Weight will go away quickly. Well, if you were not honest with yourself and such a desire is not yours, but is imposed by an opinion from outside, then the result will be zero. We return to point one …

P.S. You should look at the wish card as one of the ways of visualization and not endow it with any “magical properties.” Best of all, if you will engage in a wish card and other visualization techniques by contacting a professional psychologist or psychotherapist.

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