Laundry crack soap

Laundry soap from cracks on the heels is a proven folk method for smooth and pink heels. Although this advice is not entirely glamorous, it’s not necessary to share this secret with everyone. (Well, okay, say that rubbing Dior cream into your skin is a small lie to save your reputation …). So, today – how to use laundry soap in a beauty farm.

From cracks in the heels you will need:

1/2 part ordinary laundry soap without bleach. The last point is very important: whitening substances can harm the skin when using foot baths,

A basin of warm water

File for heels,

Castor, almond or coconut oil,

15-20 minutes of free time.

Laundry crack soap

Laundry soap, grate, dissolve in warm water. Immerse legs in a basin, watch a movie (discuss important events with a friend on the phone, read a book – underline what is necessary) for 15-20 minutes.

Then rinse the legs under plain water, wipe dry with a towel, use a nail file or pumice to remove the roughness of the skin. At the end of the procedure, apply oil.

In the bath, you can add a little soda, as well as a few drops of essential oil of juniper or lavender, mixed with the base (“fat”) oil. Suitable, for example, also almond. Natural esters are also great at tackling the problems of our Achilles heels. Aromatic oils, by the way, still drown out the side effect of laundry soap – its specific smell.

Laundry soap from cracks on the heels can be used 1-2 times a week, depending on the “depth of the task.”

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