Beautician: reviews of the popular beauty community, or is everything clean with Kosmetista

I am one of the few beauty beloved bloggers who did not start with Kosmetista and did not want to get there. But sometimes in search of an answer to the sacramental question: “Is it worth taking another lipstick?” impartial machines give me the url of this community. And I get acquainted with posts of beautician beauty gurus. It’s time to leave your reader’s opinion about this popular beauty island. So, Beautician reviews about the site.

I emphasize once again: I do not belong to the category of offended, thrown overboard this enchanting-glossy liner or not invited to its fondant-vial ball. They didn’t give me a wolf ticket, they didn’t ban me or show me a red card. And the reason why I did not knock on this community is compelling enough (more about it later). Therefore, my reviews of Beautician are impartial, based on my personal impressions of the reader. We can say this is the user opinion of a person who is interested in beauty topics. I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of such a site.

A girl reads reviews about the site of the Beautician (Kosmetista)


“I’m Zoya, come to me on you!”

The quality of the photos.

Beautician draws attention to the design of posts. What outraged me in the rules as a potential author played into my hands as a reader. For the most part (with rare exceptions!) The pictures are clear, informative. And although to me, as a consumer of cosmetics, it does not matter which rose lies next to the jar – the presence of beautiful photos pleases.

I also like that the visual series is composed correctly, without overloading images. At the beginning of the article, you can put no more than one picture, the rest goes under the cut – the rules of Beauticians state. And it is very clever.

Good level of texts.

It even happens that they say “it’s a shame for the power” – what a lot of authors of this resource write so cool for no reason, that is, without a fee. True, sometimes pearls a la “From school essays” slip. I even wanted to quote, but clicked on the backspace. I do not want to upset the participants (and I’m not ideal in this regard). However, in general, the bloggers of this community follow the purity of style. Perhaps this beauty community brought together potential journalists. And maybe not only potential …

There is a function Search

Very important, since you want to find something.

However, there are also disadvantages:

Hedgehog in the fog

Inconvenient interface

As I said, I got to such a site through search engines – when I was looking for reviews about any specific tools. The machine gave me the results, I went to the links – and the world-friendship-chocolate. But if you, having glanced at this community, want to purposefully find feedback on a specific N cream, you will have to work hard. It seems that you are in a labyrinth-corridor with many doors – and you do not know which one to open.

For example, I did not know where the headings are located until I looked into the “Rules” window. Well, who would have thought: what others have called the “Section” on the Beautician is the “Community”! It is there that such important parts for a beauty site as Care cosmetics, Decorative cosmetics, Perfumes and aromas and so on are located. And when I was here for the first time, I thought that the Communities were ordinary talkers.

Weak structure and navigation

Want to read about Guerlain or Chanel cosmetics? Or maybe you want to know what such a supernova is written about lipstick? As such, there are no headings (sections) by brand or product on Beautician. All this is driven into a bunch of “tags” (tags), which are also decorated in the form of a vague “cloud”. Yes, and they are not at the beginning of the site, but somewhere in between.

Design for a giant resource, IMHO, weak. For a small single blog, it would be nice. But from the mega-community, I want more clarity and understandable square-nested navigation. I love it when everyone is laid out on shelves – and in a conspicuous place.

Summary. As a otzovik site, in my personal opinion, Beautician is not very convenient today and, IMHO, in terms of structure is inferior to other otzoviks. I’m talking about myself – I’m uncomfortable using it.

But Beautician can be considered as an extensive platform (community) of bloggers. Follow the records of your favorite members, find newcomers, leave comments. In a word, get involved!

You probably expected that I would criticize this site for banning participants, for negative comments and various mouse and elephant fuss. But I will not do this. First of all, because it didn’t affect me personally, and I know about it only by rumors. I don’t want to play spoiled phone. And in general, I do not like quarrels on the Internet – there is enough negative in real mode. Here I am such a white-skinned user – I go to the Beautician to read reviews about cosmetics.

In general, even negative burning reviews, I think, benefit such a community (and not only him). I want to drink coffee when it is hot and a smoke hovers over it. There you go.

Now – why I do not participate in this community. And because of the rules! They reminded me of the pages from the Bulgakov’s Theatrical Novel – when the hero was asked to sign a contract

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